Suikoden Suikoden


Suikoden's first installment was on the Playstation 1 and was released in 1996 in North America. Suikoden is an RPG that is a top down play style with turn based combat with an impressive 108 recruitable characters. The unique combat system of this rpg was the unite ability which allows 2 or more...

Popful Mail Popful Mail

Popful Mail

Popful Mail was released in North America on the Sega CD in 1995. It is a 2D platform game with RPG aspects. The game starts off with you playing as Mail who is chasing after Nuts Cracker who continues to elude her. After failing once again she takes up a new...

Phantasy Star IV Review Phantasy Star IV Review

Phantasy Star IV Review

Phantasy Star IV was released on the Sega Genesis in North America in 1995. The game plays as a typical turn based RPG with overhead exploration. The story follows Chaz, a young hunter, as he travels the planet of Motovia fighting against biomonsters. As the story unfolds you find that...

Lost Vikings Lost Vikings

Lost Vikings

Long before Blizzard was making World of Warcraft, Diablo, or even Warcraft, it was once a company called Silicon & Synapse. The studio first focused on ports for other studios, before breaking out with their own games, Rock n' Roll Racing, and The Lost Vikings, a puzzle-platformer. The Lost Vikings...

Joe and Mac Joe and Mac

Joe and Mac

Growing up, I had two goldfish. Joe met an unfortunate end skewered on a piece of plastic seaweed, while his companion Mac lived a ridiculously long time for a dollar goldfish. He couldn't even be flushed in the end, and was buried in my parents' garden. ...


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