Suit up in a powerful Javelin exosuit and battle against the instruments of the gods with up to 3 friends in Anthem, a cooperative action RPG from BioWare.

The Anthem, a limitless source of pure creation abandoned by the gods, continues to generate creatures and cataclysms that threaten to wipe out all human life. All that holds them at bay are the city walls and the Freelancers equipped with mighty Javelin exosuits--upgradable flying arsenals developed generations ago. As a member of the Freelancers, it's your responsibility to defend humanity against the colossal beasts and monsters that rage outside the walls. 

Does your squad have what it takes to go up against the Anthem?

Anthem arrives on PS4 and XBox One on February 22, pre-order your copy today and get 25% OFF a pre-played game or movie!

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