Don’t Get Mad, Get Madden 17

The greatest name in football games is warmed up and ready to take the field again in Madden NFL 17, coming August 23rd! You think you know how to play the game? Wait till you get a look at EA Sports’ new playbook, which overhauls offense, defense, and special teams for a totally new experience. The new Madden features fresh game mechanics and gives you more control of the football—and you’re going to need it! Madden 17 pits you against the most realistic AI yet, so you’ll have to bust out the special moves, break out of tackle battles, and take on real NFL strategies to win. Does your team have what it takes?

Madden NFL 17 will be released on August 23 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Preorder it now at Just Press Play to guarantee your copy and get a 25% off coupon towards a used game or DVD!


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