Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Relive the glory days of the beloved Blue Bomber in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2! This action-packed anthology picks up where the first Legacy Collection left off, and delivers four timeless Mega Man classics and a tank-full of powered up bonus content! Included in this collection are:

- Mega Man 7, the hard-to-find Super Nintendo classic

- Mega Man 8, the first 32-bit Mega Man game and the last main series title for over a decade

- Mega Man 9, previously a digital-only title and a return to 8-bit graphics, heavily inspired by Mega Man 2

- Mega Man 10, also a retro throwback to the original NES games

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 arrives August 8th on PS4 and XBOX One, so charge up your Mega Buster and get ready to have a blast! Pre-order today and get 25% OFF on a pre-played game or DVD!

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