NBA 2K18

Get ready for the definitive NBA basketball experience in NBA 2K18! Featuring the most realistic graphics yet to be seen in the series, plus a slew of classic teams and all-time teams, 2K18 will fulfill your basketball fantasy. Check out the reimagined MyGM mode, now with its own story apart from MyCAREER. You'll also find big changes in MyLEAGUE, where the mechanics of drafting and free agency have been overhauled, and two-way contracts have been introduced. And for you graph-loving basketball fans out there, NBA 2K18 brings advanced analytics tools so you can really scrutinize your team's strengths and weaknesses. 

NBA 2K18 takes the court on September 19th, but you can play it 4 days early if you pre-order the Early Tip-Off edition! 


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