Panasonic Q - The Gamecube With a DVD Player.

Here is one I bet you didn’t know about, the Panasonic Q. The Q is the combination of a Nintendo Gamecube and a DVD player. Released in December of 2001 and discontinued in 2003 due to low sales, the Q never really made an impression and was ultimately deemed a failure. It never actually reached store shelves in the US, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome! Because of its low sales and lackluster release this system is probably the rarest iteration of the Gamecube. 

The most notable physical features (besides the fact that it's a freakin’ Gamecube with a DVD player!) are its chrome front and a Panasonic branded controller. It also houses a small display on the top of the console used mostly for DVD functions.

The estimated cost of the system when it launched would have been around $439 US which probably makes the price of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a lot easier to swallow. Even though it never took off, the Panasonic Q is still a neat piece of gaming history, one that I personally think more people should know about. Want to see one in person? Check out our stores' museum areas, there you will find one of these rare pieces in the flesh.


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