Persona 5 - High School was Never this Cool

We all have some fond--and not so fond--memories of high school, but who hasn't wished for the chance to do it over, better? Persona 5 is that opportunity! 

Go back to school in style: make friends, attend classes, take pop quizzes, join an after-school club, pick up a part-time job, and fight demons in a parallel dimension. It's just like old times! In between volleyball practice and student council meetings, you can harness your personas (facets of your psyche unlocked by different masks) to explore dungeons and battle the dark forces that occupy them. But don't neglect your friends; relationships are a vital feature of Persona games, and your social prowess can power you up in battle!

The Persona series has always pushed the limits of video game style, treating every element of game design as a chance to break artistic ground. A glance at the menus proves that Persona 5 is no exception. Everything about this game is exciting to behold, a visual decadence to rival most anime series. Treat yourself to this eye candy RPG!

Persona 5 will be available April 4, 2017 on PS4 and PS3, so preorder your copy today!


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