Sea of Thieves: The Call of Booty

Avast, mateys! Swashbuckling adventure upon the high seas awaits each of ye scurvy dogs who dares to fly the black flag and risk walking the plank in Sea of Thieves! Aye, you'll meet your fair share of cannonballs and crocodiles, sharks and skeleton crews, but you'll be armed to the teeth--what could possibly go wrong? 

Sharpen your hook and keep your good eye on the treasure, because there are hundreds of bloodthirsty rogues who will stop at nothing to get there first. Sea of Thieves is a shared-world pirate-palooza that will satisfy your thirst for adventure and your penchant for plunder. So raise the mainsail, assemble your crew, and heed the call of booty!

Sea of Thieves sets sail on March 20th, exclusively on XBox One. Pre-ARRRder today and get 25% OFF a pre-owned game or movie!

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