Sports Cards and Trading Cards

Whether it's Pokemon TCG, Magic The Gathering, or MLB Baseball cards, there's something magical about opening a fresh pack of cards. Will you pull a Charizard, a Black Lotus, or a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card? It's thrilling just to know there's that chance.

At every Just Press Play, you'll find a variety of trading cards including Pokemon TCG, Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, DragonBall Super, and Sports cards. We carry booster packs, set boosters, draft boosters, collectors boosters, blaster boxes, special sets and limited releases. There's something for everyone! We love collecting cards and we delight in witnessing a lucky pull by one of our customers. 

If you collect Pokemon cards, or MTG cards, or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, or NFL Football cards, or NHL Hockey cards, or any kind of cards, come check out what we have in stock! And if there's a card game or trading card series that you want to see at Just Press Play, let us know! We want to be your go-to card shop.

We buy cards, too! If you're looking to sell your collection or high-value singles, give us a call or bring them in to one of our stores and we'll make you an offer!

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