Vinyl Records

We love music almost as much as we love video games, and there's no better way to enjoy an album than listening to a high quality vinyl record. Our Lancaster Shopping Center and Willow Street locations are home to a huge selection of vintage records, featuring everything from classic rock to punk, from jazz to metal, and just about everything in between. In addition, we are now carrying new releases, newly printed perennial favorites, and a growing selection of video game soundtracks on vinyl!

Each vintage vinyl record is expertly graded for condition according to the Goldmine Standard and labeled as such, with notes on provenance or unique details (e.g. 1st Press, 2 LP, import, colored vinyl). We have over 1500 vinyl records to choose from, with more being added every week! There's something for everyone, whether you've been collecting for years or just bought your first turntable.

If you have a record collection that you're interested in selling, please send an email to with pictures and description! We'll pay cash or store credit, and just like with video games, we pay more!

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