Drink the Kool-Aid in Far Cry 5

The Far Cry series is known for pushing boundaries--both moral and geographical--with controversial storylines, dubious decisions, and exotic locales rife with possibility. Now, Ubisoft is bringing the series home to American soil with Far Cry 5, a satirical take on American extremism set in the wilderness of Montana. A religious cult is on the rise, determined to "take the country back" in the name of their beliefs, and only a small resistance stands against them. The Project at Eden's Gate wants you on their side when Doomsday rolls around. Will you drink the Kool-Aid communion with Joseph Seed ("The Father") or will you help take Hope County back from his crazy cult?

Far Cry 5 will be ready for the apocalypse on March 27, but you can pre-order today and get 25% OFF a pre-played game or movie!

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