No Man’s Sky

Look up at the night sky and pick a star, any star. Imagine you could fly there and discover unique planets, new life forms, beautiful vistas that no human has ever laid eyes on. That's the promise of No Man's Sky, a new open-universe science fiction game from Hello Games. An infinite sea of uncharted stars calls out to you, an intrepid explorer, and the final frontier is firmly within your grasp. Take your ship to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and lay your stake amongst the infinite (okay, not quite infinite, but 18 quintillion is close enough for one lifetime) possibilities. Survive harsh ecosystems, encounter alien life both friendly and hostile, engage in aerial dogfights against foes and rivals, and discover a universe as exciting and fascinating as our own. 

No Man's Sky, previously available on PlayStation 4, will arrive on XBOX One on July 31. Reserve your copy today and receive 25% off a pre-owned game!


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