Jurassic World Evolution

If you've ever watched a single Jurassic Park movie, you probably know better than to accept an invitation to visit Jurassic Park (or any related islands or theme parks) for any reason, since it will almost certainly lead to your chompy dino-snack death--while Jeff Goldblum sadly shakes his head in a way that implies, "I, uh, told you so." But what if you were given the chance to build your own Jurassic Park? What if you could play God--or John Hammond, at least--and put together your own dinosaur menagerie dotted with gift shops and cafes where tourists could enjoy their last meals? Welcome...to Jurassic World Evolution!

Jurassic World Evolution puts you in charge of the park; it's sort of like RollerCoaster Tycoon if sometimes the roller coasters broke free and began eating your customers. You'll have to manage things like security, entertainment, science experiments (what could possibly go wrong if you crossbreed your own hybrid super-dinosaurs?), and your dinosaurs' appetites and happiness. Nobody wants to see a cranky T-Rex. And when the dinosaurs break out (and they WILL break out), it will be your job to contain them before they eat too many cash-carrying customers and avoid the ensuing PR nightmare. 

The Jurassic World Evolution park opens for business on July 3rd, on PS4 and XBox One; pre-order your copy today and save 25% OFF of a pre-played game or movie!

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