Nintendo Labo: Make, Play, Discover!

Who else but Nintendo would take their hottest, best-selling video game console, and combine it with actual cardboard for a toys-to-life augmented reality game? Virtual reality isn't good enough for Nintendo Labo--no, the makers of Mario had to one-up the competition by introducing Cardboard Reality through a collection of imaginative, crafty games...and a cardboard mech suit that lets you feel like a giant robot. Nintendo Labo is a bizarre idea, but so was a Mario/Rabbids crossover Tactical RPG, so was a Donkey Kong game with bongo controllers, so was a collection of 5-second games curated by Wario. It's exciting when Nintendo gets weird and does something no one expected, and the hype for Nintendo Labo is just the latest example.

Build a working cardboard keyboard? Music to my ears.

Go virtual fishing with a homemade rod? I'll take the bait.

Invent custom programmable cardboard creations? I'm out of puns, just take my money.

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit arrive April 20th, pre-order today and get 25% OFF a pre-played game or movie!

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