UPDATE - Store Closings, Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal

By now most of you have heard that Governor Wolf has issued a state-wide closing of non-essential stores, and many of you are wondering what that means for us and for your pre-orders.

Here's what's going on:

  • Our stores are closed today (3/17) but we'll be taking things one day at a time. You can still contact us via Facebook or email.
  • We still expect to have Animal Crossing and Doom on Friday (3/20) and to take care of preorders. We are looking at our options for how to do that, possibly via a pick-up or "take-out" arrangement, but please be patient while we iron out the details.
  • Shipping may be an option, however we expect that mail and package delivery may be slowed down across the board for all retailers and online sellers due to the current situation.
  • MLB The Show 2020 is here. If you were not able to pick up your pre-order early, please contact us.

We will take this all one day at a time and we'll keep everyone in the loop as best we can. We've been informed that competitors are staying open against the Governor's wishes, and we're not really sure what to make of that.

We're a small family-owned business and it's important to us that we do right by our community and our employees. A two week (or longer) closure would be very hard on us all, so we're looking into if and how we can continue to do business and serve our local customers--stay tuned while we figure this out.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support--we couldn't do this without you! Please stay safe and healthy!

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