Vinyl Record Section Expanded!

We've got exciting news for Vinyl Record Collectors! Just Press Play has now DOUBLED our capacity for vinyl records at Lancaster Shopping Center on Lititz Pike!

There are now thousands of curated vintage albums to choose from, including rock classics, heavy metal, obscure punk, rare jazz, hip hop, and much more. We had so many great albums that we couldn't fit before, and there are so many more we still want to add! We're passionate about music and preserving physical media -- a digital .mp3 will never hold a candle to the experience of opening a record sleeve, admiring the artwork, placing the vinyl on your turntable...and letting that needle drop. There's just no comparison.

With this extra space for records, we're also adding brand new releases and new pressings of perennial favorites, not to mention chiptune albums, video game soundtracks, and movie soundtracks. We aim to carry the music that matters to you--so drop us a line and let us know what vinyl records you want to see at Just Press Play!

Below you can see just some of the new albums that we have in stock--and there are plenty more where those came from! 

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