As 1918 London is ravaged by supernatural beings and the Spanish Flu, you are the unfortunate Dr. Jonathan Reid, a brilliant military doctor with a chance to stop the epidemic, but also a newly-minted Vampyr cursed to feed on the very people you're trying to save. Sacrifices must be made in Vampyr, as you contend with human foes and fellow night-stalkers, all the while hungering for blood. If you don't feed and maintain your strength, then Dr. Reid won't be able to make progress on the cure; but if you overindulge your dark impulses, you may lose your humanity and those you were trying to save.

You'll have to walk a thin line between man and monster, choosing carefully how to use your supernatural powers and manipulating those around you in a web of interconnected souls. They're raising the stakes (pun intended) in this gothic tale. Your choices will have consequences.

Vampyr lurks in the shadows until June 5th, when it will be available on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. Pre-order your copy today...or you might regret it. 

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