Dragon Age ... All of them…

Despite my husband’s best efforts in the nearly ten years that I have known him, I do not consider myself a “gamer.” I was always the one to read the strategy guides while my husband played. When he would get lost or ask for help, I would tell him what the guide said. With that said, you may be asking “why is she writing a blog for a video game store?”

What I am, is a Dragon Ager… Origins, Awakening (Dragon Age 1.5,) Dragon Age II (I like to refer to it as: 101 ways to blow up Kirkwall,) Inquisition, and let’s not forget the various DLC’s, movie (I own Cassandra’s movie but I have been hearing rumors of a live action web series…), books, and graphic novels that make up the Dragon Age universe. I am obsessed with all of it. If you doubt my sincerity in my obsession with all things Dragon Age, you can ask my husband as he works for Just Press Play.

I knew that when I heard Warden-Commander Duncan’s deep timbre narrating Origins, it would be something I would love. At the time Origins came out I was content to let my husband play characters for me… I would read the guide (Yes, we have the hard backs,) and choose the dialogue options while my loving husband would play the game…

Then, Inquisition came out and I was recovering from a bout with Walking Pneumonia and desired something to while away the time. So, I started playing, and became quite obsessed with the sweet, lyrium addicted, tortured, and former Templar Commander Cullen (we’ll get back to “Curly” in a minute. A fun, cool thing turned into an obsession.

I love that Dragon Age, through out all of its games, gives dialogue choices. It makes the experience, at least for me, more engaging as I get to pick (within certain parameters), what my characters say. The overall stories are engaging and thoughtfully laid out. The personal quests make the characters alive for me. Most of all, I love the romances, for I am a hopeless romantic.

There is a term for those of us that are obsessed with Cullen, and I proudly say that I am a Cullenite. He broke me when he explained what happened at Fereldan’s Circle Tower, to the point where I cried. Every kiss, every word my Inquisitor and the Commander shared thrilled me. When he married the Inquisitor I felt like jumping for joy. And I ached for more, so, I went back and played Origins, Awakening, Dragon Age II, and read the books.

At the time of writing this, I’ve romanced Cullen twice, and plan on romancing him twice more. Despite my obsession with “our dear Commander”, I have branched out to slowly go through all romance-able characters. I love them all. I do wish there were more “romance” (remember, I’m a hopeless romantic. There can never be enough romance) scenes in Inquisition and that there was more of a back story for the Inquisitor. But they are the only complaints I have about the game. If you are looking for something to completely obsess about, Dragon Age is for you.

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